Michael Lettius, Adokatfirman Glimstedt i Helsingborg HB

Personal data

Surname: Lettius
First name: Michael
Date of birth: 1967
Nationality: Swedish
Office address: Adokatfirman Glimstedt i Helsingborg HB, Box 1027, SE-251 10 Helsingborg, Sweden
Office tel: +46 42 26 99 50
Mobile phone: +46 706 58 75 98
Office email:  michael.lettius@glimstedt.se

Academic degree and qualification

Lund University, LL.M. (1994)
Lund University, BSc (Econ) (1996)
SAA Training Programme for Arbitrators (2016-2017)

Professional activities and positions

Law Clerk, Administrative Regional Court, 1994-1996
Associate, Advokatfirman Glimstedt 1997-2000
Partner, Advokatfirman Glimstedt 2000-

Memberships & professional appointments

  • Member of the Swedish Bar Association
  • Member of the International Bar Association
  • Member of the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA)
  • Member of the Arbitration Association for Southern Sweden
  • Member of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)
  • Member of the Association of European Lawyers (AEL), www.europeanlawyers.org ,
    and one of two contact persons for Sweden for the AEL.
  • Member of Lawyer’s Cooperation, www.lawyerscooperation.com.
  • Author and co-author of a number of referral responses (Sw: “remissvar”) on
    legislation on behalf of the Swedish Bar Association, mainly on Energy and
    Competition Law.
  • Author and co-author on several articles on Competition Law.
  • Board member in several Swedish companies owned by non-Swedish corporate

General experience as practitioner

Since being admitted to the Swedish Bar in 2000, Michael Lettius has specialized in Competition Law (advising as well as merger notifications and extensive litigation).

Litigation and arbitration experience

Michael Lettius has represented clients across a wide range of industrial sectors including the energy, pharmaceutical, construction, tobacco, and automotive industries. For the latest 10-12 years his practice has become more focused on various forms of commercial dispute resolution and international work. In 2017 he concluded the SAA/SCC Training Programme for Arbitrators.

Relevant experience

  • Arbitrator in ad hoc proceedings.
  • Counsel in international and domestic SCC and ad hoc arbitral proceedings.
  • Counsel in many cases in the Swedish courts, including Appellate courts, Swedish
    Labour Court (Sw: “Arbetsdomstolen”), many cases in the Supreme Marketing Court
    (Sw: “Marknadsdomstolen”) and the Patent and Marketing Court (Sw: “Patent och
    Marknadsdomstolen) and Regional, Appellate and Supreme Administrative Courts.

Selected representations

  • Acting on behalf of a UK corporate group (defendant and counterclaimant) in a
    dispute following the sale of a Swedish subsidiary in the business of parallel import
    and parallel distribution of pharmaceuticals.
  • Acting for a world leading manufacturer and supplier of materials for the construction
    industry in several ad hoc arbitrations under Swedish Framework Conditions for the
    Supply of Construction material (ABM 92 and ABM 07).
  • Defending a Canadian supplier of store solutions for the North American Market in an
    SCC arbitral proceeding regarding the supply of monitors and communication
  • Acting on behalf of Swedish and Swiss claimants in several SCC arbitral proceedings
    concerning medical equipment, consumables etc..
  • Acting on behalf of an industrial company (defending and counterclaiming) in an SCC
    arbitral proceeding concerning defective installation of production equipment in the
    company’s plant.
  • Acting in a number of other arbitral proceedings over the years 1999 – 2018 with
    parties from Sweden, the Nordic countries. UK, France, Switzerland etc.
  • Acting in various Swedish courts on behalf of parties from Sweden, the Nordic
    countries, the Netherlands, Poland, etc.
  • Acting on behalf of the Swedish state through the Energy Markets Inspection (Sw:
    “Energimarknadsinspektionen”) and two northern cities in several noticed cases in the
    local courts, administrative courts and Marknadsdomstolen vs. an Energy Distribution
    Service Operator (DSO) regarding forced management, redemption of the electricity
    distribution net and assets and various competition legal prohibitions etc.
  • Acting on behalf of a world leading supplier of material for the Automotive Industry
    in several cases in various courts.


Legal 500 EMEA (EU & Competition) 2009, 2010, 2011
Legal 500 EMEA (Dispute Resolution), Leading individual 2017

Languages besides Swedish